Jörgen Brennicke

Contact: Magdalena Larsson | +46 739 133 983 | magdalena@rockson.se

Jörgen Brennicke, born in Stockholm in 1967, became a skater in the 70’s and started taking pictures of his skating friends. In the 90’s his photo career took off and in 96′ he went to film school and began combining still photo with film. Today Jörgen works both as a photographer and DoP but with still photography and lifestyle as his main field. His images are strong and real, weather it’s fashion or commercial and he is known for his great way with his team.

Clients include:

Absolut Vodka, Apollo, Bread&Boxers, Carlsberg, DrakenbergSjölin, Dressman, Ellos, H&M, JC, KIA, Levi’s, Libresse, Oriflame, Peak Performance, Seven Eleven, Spotify, Supplementaire Mag, Urbanista

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