Waldersten for Ane Brun

Apr 10, 2012


We just shot a music video for the amazing Ane Brun. Jesper Waldersten as creative artist and illustrator, photographer Jesper Brandt took place behind the camera, you can imagine the beautiful result. Will post as soon as it’s out!

Kicks Part III by Johan Renck

Feb 6, 2012


We just finished another film and stills for Kicks with director and photographer Johan Renck. We had a great shoot and the team was amazing. Model Theres Alexandersson was a rock, hanging upside down in this rig! We all love the result and hope you like the film which you can watch by clicking here.

Jörgen Ringstrand + L’uomo Vogue

Jan 8, 2012


Just a few of all the amazing pictures that Jörgen Ringstrand has shot for L’uomo Vogue lately. One of those great ongoing collaborations. Here’s some behind the scenes from the Lykke Li story which we shot at Grand Hotel in Stockholm. Click here and have a look at Jörgens work!

Sean Stiegemeier for H&M

Nov 16, 2011


Our lovely Sean Stiegemeier just did this H&M commercial with the awesome directing duo RBG6. Click here and check it out!