Sean Stiegemeier

Contact: Malin Hüber | +46 708 606 411 |

Sean Stiegemeier is based in L.A. Hailing from picturesque Park City Utah, Sean devoted his life to ski racing until he discovered his passion of using a camera. He studied at the Chapman University and the American Film Institute both in the discipline of cinematography. His film ’The Butcher’s Daughter’ earned him the 2007 ASC heritage award for his excellence behind the lens. In 2010 he evolved his time-lapse technics by chasing after the notorious Eyjafallajökull volcano in Iceland which became a popular viral video world wide. Sean shot Drake Doremus movie ‘Newness’ that had premiere on Sundance in January-17.

Clients include:

Asics, Affliction, Boeing, E, General Motors, H&M, Nissan, PSA, Shell, Google Nexus, Adidas, Cadillac, Samsung