Indiska AW-16 Team Rockson

Sep 23, 2016


We had such a great team from Rockson on this new campaign for Indiska. Morgan Norman Stills Photographer and Director, Kenneth Ishii Director of Photography and Robert Nordberg Stylist. More to come!

New work from Natalie Olenheim!

Sep 16, 2016


Stylist Natalie Olenheim has done so much nice work lately. Here’s a selection from the cover story for NK Stil with photographer Morgan Norman and Costume DK and BOY Magazine with photographer Jaclyn Adams. Watch more of Natalies work on the site here.

Duo Carl-Henrik To Rockson!

Sep 15, 2016


We are happy to announce that the spectacular duo ‘Carl-Henrik’ consisting of Henrik Halvarsson & Carl-Johan Paulin is joining Rockson! We’re so looking forward to work with these guys.

Check out their work here!

Peak P AW-16 – Brennicke

Sep 2, 2016


We can finally show you the full campaign for Peak Performance AW-16, once again shot by the fenomenal Jörgen Brennicke. YES you can be sporty in the city and still look awesome! Go to the site to see more from this Vancouver shoot. Click here.

Mikael Olsson for NY Times!

Aug 25, 2016


Photographer Mikael Olsson was invited into the home of Italian Director Luca Guadagnino to shoot these beautiful images for The New York Times – Style Magazine that came out this weekend. Missed the magazine? Read the web version here at T Magazine and for full story, take a look at the website here: Mikael Olsson-Rockson Sthlm


Ita this years Bo Widerberg stipend!

Aug 4, 2016


We are so proud to congratulate Ita Zbroniec-Zajt to receive this years Bo Widerberg Stipend! “The stipend has been awarded to someone that has secured her position as one of our best cinematographers, not least through another critically acclaimed premiere last week.  Ita Zbroniec-Zajts cinematography captures moods, presence and has the ability to create stylish images throughout the film transforming the visual language into permanent art”


Photographer Mikael Olsson for OP

Jun 23, 2016


Have a lovely Midsummer and don’t forget to put on the new Schnapps songs by Ebbot and Gina-Lee! Photo by Mikael Olsson.

Wannerstedt for NIKE

Jun 16, 2016


Photographer Fredrik Wannerstedt shot this beautiful film and stills in South Africa starring Daniel Adams-Ray for NIKE Free. Film here! 

Chris Benns for Hugo Boss!

Jun 15, 2016


We’re so proud of stylist Chris Benns who did the recent campaign for Hugo Boss! What suits us better right now when the EURO 2016 is playing than just this, footballers in suits. For you Chris, we will secretly cheer for England as well this year.

Go in here and take a look at Chris work on the site and contact us for requests.